Get in LOVE with You, beautiful gal!

Having experienced a life of child sexual abuse and incest I was haunted for many years from these vicious experiences. I felt ugly inside and it didn't matter what anyone said about me being beautiful. Working with John Michael was an exquisite, beautiful and healing experience. It's amazing how gentle and loving he is and how he is able to understand the multi-cultural religious background that is an integral part of me. After a few sessions I finally accepted that I am beautiful and finally laid my past to rest. I continue to joyfully embrace my new life. Written with deep appreciation and gratitude for John Michael.

Dr. Rose Maina

Going Beyond psychic and advisor

Have you ever had a close friend, mentor or advisor who always found the perfect ways to comfort you or who chose just the right thing to say --sometimes, when you least realized that you needed it most? That is JohnMichael's gift, which extends well beyond the foresight of clairvoyance. He sees through to the place where you need to be and how you can stand in your own power to get yourself there -- all while feeling like your most trusted friend and ally.

Lesley Oliver

An Amazing Soul.....


I've had the honor and privilege of knowing John Michael for more than 10 years now. He is one of the rare souls that truly cares about and loves every other person. Whether he has been helping me in my own life, or we have collaborated to help others, he has a rare gift which he has chosen to share with the world. I full recommend his services.

Arlan Cage

The Meaning of Life


I was fortunate enough to meet JohnMichael 26 years ago in downtown Scottsdale, AZ. From the conception of our friendship it was as if we had known each other forever. JohnMichael has such an ease about him, he taught me how to love myself by just loving me and lavishing me with his time and his attention, He was the first person in my life to show me that I set my own worth and value, not anyone else. He is an amazing person, you cannot be in his presence and walk away unchanged. He is always a breath of fresh air.

Cindy Leigh

A unique person...

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I was blessed to meet JohnMichael during this summer at an exclusive gathering in North Hollywood.  Since then we have grown to become very good friends.  I have never met anyone like him, JohnMichael clearly knows a lot about life and the individual.  He has a unique gift to read people and situations intelligently like no-one else.  Even before asking him what he does, he clearly displayed his psychic abilities unintentionally.  Every time we meet, I am happy to say that I have learned something new about life, our friendship and myself.  Thank you for being there JohnMichael, God bless you and keep shining -:).

Philippe Arni


JohnMichael brings a magical quality to his readings and his clients.  His amazing gifts are not only accurate but astounding! He truly is connected to a higher source, and so beautifully bridges the information for clarity and understanding! And..... he's easy on the Eye! :)

Rev. Stephanie K. Campbell

The "Sensitive" Psychic

JohnMichael is one of the kindest, most generous people I have ever met! Even on Skype from Italy he was able to pinpoint where I was at a deadend and what exactly I had to do to get past various roadblocks in my life. I finally got to meet him face to face in L A this summer and it was if we had known each other for years. I highly recommend JohnMichael for readings or any of the psychic services he offers.

Ben Slavin

John Michael radiates love and light!


JohnMichael is a giving, loving human being who genuinely desires people to be happy, whole, successful people. His gifts help guide people through dark, confusing moments in life to a lightness of being and an ability to master your own destiny. His humor, warmth and generous soul capture your heart the moment you meet him.

Andria Litto

knew exactly what was in my heart

"I met JohnMichael through a dear friend. I sat down with him at a social dinner alongside our mutual friend and asked him how his gift worked…innocent question. I was met with an astounding explanation given to me through what I can only describe as JohnMichael’s incredible knowledge and insight into a very private, personal struggle I had been dealing with for weeks in one of my close relationships. He somehow knew exactly what was in my heart and mind, and gave me wonderful advice in sorting and untangling the web I had woven. He gave me invaluable guidance in releasing myself from what was holding me back and causing me great anxiety. I was shocked that he knew exactly what I had been dealing with, and he knew it so clearly. JohnMichael comes from light and love and immense compassion. His gift is a special insight to the universe and the personal trials and tribulations of his clients!”

Christine S.F. - Orange County, CA

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