The Miracle of a Single Flower

the-diy-lifestyler-the-miracle-of-a-single-flowerThe Miracle of a Single Flower

It’s been said that your entire life will change if you will only see the miracle of a single flower.  What most people don’t realize is that we are the greatest miracle in creation.  It is part of our destiny to make the world a better place through our love for each other.  We live these magnificent and abundant lives filled with wonderful, loving people and yet we become attached to our things – our things are neither make us special nor beautiful.

Jesus once said “Consider the lilies – how they grow. They don’t work nor do they purchase clothing or make them for themselves but even the greatest king of Israel Solomon was never dressed as beautifully.”  What really makes us beautiful is the spirit that lives inside of us.  We are created in love we are created for love and we exist by the power of love.

Last month I wrote about unconditional love and how to love yourself.  I wrote about the importance of looking at the beauty in the world that is shared with us. We must see how the creator loves all of us. We were created in the very image of love.  When we stand in the power of love, not just the outer beauty which surrounds it, nothing else can penetrate -our faith in love is our faith in our creator and in ourselves.

What do you think about this?

Blessings and love,

JohnMichael Capaldi