Happy New Year 2014!

johnmichal-capaldi-happy-new-year-2014I want to wish you a Happy New Year!  I want 2014 to be special and magical for you!

According to numerology, 2014 will be a seven and seven is about spiritual connection, looking into ourselves and launching into our dreams.  This year is all about working towards the goal of making our dreams come true.  The first step of making anyone’s dream come true is deciding what you want in the new year and deciding what your dreams are.  Do you know what your dreams are and what you want?

So let’s go through my step-by-step process of making your dreams a reality:

What Do You Want? – I want you to spend some time making a list of what you want your dreams to be.  Figure out what you want in this year.  Determining  what do you want is the most important thing you can ask yourself.  Ask it again and again,  all day-long , all night-long.  Continually write down what you want.  Send yourself an email, a text message, or write a Post-it and stick it on your forehead!  Begin by making a decision and you will be halfway towards your dreams coming true.

Once you’ve gotten down seven to ten things that you want,  go back, look at them and think about them.  Be honest with yourself about what can you really and honestly accomplish.  Your heart will tell you if you listen.

Make a plan for achieving the goals that you’ve selected.  Make a plan for each one of your goals to be accomplished,  then implement the plans and start working on them.  The road is full of twists and turns, of this you can be sure.  Don’t be dismayed when things don’t turn out exactly the way you thought they would.  Closer examination will reveal the outcome to be the results that you truly wanted!

The whole point of making a plan is to help you to recognize your goals and realize that they can only be accomplished  if you take the time to actually choose your goals.  Keep in mind that the plans  you have may redefine your goals moment-by-moment throughout the year. The trip and the journey that brings us there is never what we think it is.  Stop being disappointed when it comes to things not turning out the way you think they should.  The most important thing you can know about life is that you are not in charge.   You have set your goals, you are working towards them.   Let God and the universe be in charge of how you get there.  You are just along for the ride!  If you need support or guidance through the twists and turns, I can help.    

I want you to know what a magnificent and amazing year you’re going to have in 2014!  You are going to accomplish all of your goals and find yourself closer than you may have imagined to making all of your dreams come true!  

May next New Year’s Eve find you all exclaiming that 2014 was the best year ever!

Happy New Year’s and God’s blessings shower upon you with all the angels,

With Love,

JohnMichael Capaldi


What Do I Want?


Wants vs. Needs. 

Wanting is a very powerful thing. Wanting is good.

Don’t listen to those who say you can’t always get what you want, but you can get what you need. There are those that say we only need basics elements: food and water. We need a lot and want even more.  I am saying to WANT is perfect.

Want: There is power behind wanting.  Wanting is royal, wanting has the power to manifest your desires.  It comes from a place of power.

 Need: Is not as powerful. It comes from lack. Need can be a place of victimization.  Need is powerless.

Identify your wants. Do you need a new car or do you simply want one? It is normal to want. It is a healthy part of life and is human nature.  Make a list of your needs and go ahead- make them wants!


Q & A: Being Open to Your Gifts

  Q:  Dear JohnMichael I have friend who I believe is a sensitive but is afraid of this gift. What advice could you give her? What if any advice could you lend? Thank you for your time. 

A:  Dear For Your Time, The first thing that I learned from my mother is to never be afraid of my gifts.  The Bene Gesserit mantra says that fear is the mind-killer.   My mother always told me to never be afraid of what I see, feel and know as these are showing me everything the world has to offer. 

Having a gift as a psychic is like learning that television now comes in color.  You can see all the nuances and feelings around you.  It is a beautiful gift and there is nothing quite like it.  If you fear what you see and what you can truly be then you are giving up on yourselves.  

In Plato’s dialogues, the allegory The Cave talks about people who can only see shadows against a wall and one day a man leaves the cave and sees what true life is like.  When we embrace our gifts we embrace all of life and what it offers.  I recommend reading that story – it is available on the internet and it is one of my favorites.  My mother read it to me when I was the age of 6 and I find it to be quite powerful in understanding one’s gifts.

 If you have any further questions, please contact via my website    



johnmichael-capaldi-loveI pray that Love finds and holds your name close. I send blessings that love keeps filling your life and I know healing is all the love the world has to give..


I Am Living in Joy Now

JohnMichael-Capaldi-Joy…I am living in Joy Now and the world changes for me… I love and I forgive and I understand… All I can do Is love … My Power is Love and I send the power of Love from God though me to the whole world …

President Nelson Mendela on a South African postage 45c stamp

A Great Loss To The World..

President Nelson Mendela on a South African postage 45c stamp

On December 5, 2013, the entire planet lost one of its greatest leaders. After a lifetime of trials and tribulations, heartbreaking hardships and magnificent rebounds to the heights of the world, Nelson Mandela has passed into the next incarnation.  There is an assault on this planet by some who do not acknowledge the great beauty and the love from his heart.. but most of all the fact that he forgave and led his country through its hardest transitions. A lesson lost to so many people after revenge, he taught forgiveness.

I send a prayer to the angels and saints and ask God with the rest this world to please send us more great men like him. Men who can show us the way to forgiveness, growth and understanding. Thank you God, thank you universe for making a man like Nelson Mandela and allowing him to walk on our planet.

JohnMichael Capaldi leaning against a wall

Hi, I’m JohnMichael Capaldi

JohnMichael Capaldi leaning against a wallHi, my name is JohnMichael Capaldi. I am a full service Psychic. I do it all, from personal readings to feeding your soul, mind and body. I write inspirational, insightful blogs and articles. I cook healthy meals, dress for the occasion and take care to decorate my living spaces. I can teach you to do the same. I can show you how to pick your life-mate. I am your biggest cheerleader, a tireless supporter and so much more. I have been a life coach longer than the term ‘life coach’ has existed. I don’t believe in every spiritual concept; I believe in your own personal power and a God that has your back. I am here to declare that you have it all and to help you see that. My life’s ambition is to get you to new heights in your life. There is more to life than psychic readings. You are heart, soul, mind and body. When we are finished, you will know who you are and how to get to where you are going. I am JohnMichael Capaldi and we can make it make it happen together. Let’s talk via Skype or in person. I am here it feed your body, mind, and spirit… and make you smile. Together we can make your dreams come true in every way possible. I am on your side.